Sparky's Woodworks Store Spotlight

  • Wood Clock - Conversation and Design Time are always FREE at Sparky's Woodworks

    Free Design Time

    We'll work with you to design the perfect custom wood carved item at no cost, obligation, or risk to you. There's no limit on revisions! We'll work with you until you love your design, and we'll be ready to carve your custom piece when you are.

  • Exotic Wood Boards - Sparky's Woodworks uses high quality domestic and exotic hardwoods.

    High Quality Materials

    We use high quality domestic and exotic hardwoods like Oak, Maple, Walnut, Purpleheart, Bloodwood, and Padauk. We source our wood from USA vendors like Woodcraft and Rockler to ensure quality materials every time.

  • CNC Cutting Wood - Sparky's Woodworks uses state-of-the-art tools for precision crafting.

    Precision Crafting

    Quality is in the details. Our state of the art CNC tools from Digital Wood Carver and Stepcraft let us precision-carve everything from the most delicate to the hardest woods Mother Nature offers; A requirement for our high attention to detail.

  • USA Flag - Sparky's Woodworks - Made in USA

    Made in USA

    Everything we sell is designed and crafted in the USA. Most of our items are 100% made in USA, using stain and paint products from MinWax and DecoArt, with only a few exceptions for things we can't manufacture ourselves, like LEDs and power supplies.